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Search Tips

Use TownWatcher as you would any search engine - just type in some words or a phrase that you are interested in, and it'll find the documents that are most relevant.

Here are some tips to help improve your search results.

  • If you search on a phrase such as council newsletter, the search results will include any documents where the word council is close to the word newsletter.  For example, a document containing the sentence "A newsletter was sent by the council" would be returned.
  • If you want to search for documents with a specific phrase, and not just documents where the words are near each other, put quotes around the phrase.  Searching for "council newsletter" will return only documents that contain that precise phrase.
  • You can always use the Filter Results function at the top of your search results to restrict the search to specific municipalities and sources.

Registration and Pricing

TownWatcher is absolutely free to use to search local meeting minutes, blogs, and news.

Registration is not required, but encouraged. Signing up for an account helps us determine who our users are and what their needs are. We can personalize your search results for your particular interests.

TownWatcher also offers a fee-based subscription service called TownWatcher Connect that allows you to create automatic email alerts when keywords you are searching for are found in new documents. New users automatically receive a free 1-month trial to this service. The normal rates for this service are as follows and are payable via PayPal.

Standard 12-month subscription - $99.99

Standard 6-month subscription - $59.99


Still have questions?

Please contact us via our Feedback page.

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